My blog is a way for me to keep a record of my readings of translated Japanese fiction, poetry and art related titles. I'm interested in reading titles that have perhaps slipped out of print, and am always interested in reading new translations of both older and contemporary books. 
The idea for starting my blog came after sitting down in a library and reading John Lewell's magnificent book, Modern Japanese Novelists, (Kodansha International, 1993), an excellent  biographical dictionary and work of bibliography, the book explores Japanese Literature up until the 1980's, another recent and comprehensive survey of modern Japanese Literature is Jay Rubin's, Modern Japanese Writers, (Scribner 2001), a book I've yet to look through.  
I try to get permissions on book images, but if you think you see something that perhaps shouldn't be here please leave a comment or mail me and I'll remove it as soon as possible, my blog is non-profit, and copyrights to all images belong to their respective owners. I endeavour to get things right, but any corrections are welcome.

Many thanks for reading.