Tuesday, 18 January 2011

144th Akutagawa Prize winner announced

The Daily Manichi reports today the announcement of the awarding of the 144th Akutagawa Prize,the prize was shared between Mariko Asabuki for her novel Kikotowa  and also Kenta Nishimura for his novel Kueki Ressha.The 144th Naoki Prize winner was also shared between two authors, Nobori Kiuchi for her novel Hyosa no uta and also Shusuke Michio for Tsuki to Kani.

Kikotawa centers around two women Kiko and Towako who reunite after 25, Nishimura's novel,Kueki Ressha, follows a young man employed as a manual worker who hardly makes his monthly rent payments,filled with rage the man develops self destructive feelings.

Nobori Kiuchi's novel Hyosa no uta,has a historical setting,set just before the Meiji restoration,following the exploits of a samurai who has fallen on hard times,and works trying to lure customers into a red light district in Tokyo.Shusuke Michio's novel,Tsuki to Kani,follows a young fifth grader as reality begins to kick into his imaginary world.

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