Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Akutagawa Prize Winner announced

News of the  winners of the 146th Akutagwa Prize  -

EnJoe Toh for Dokeshi no cho (Clown's Butterfly), and Tanaka Shinya for Tomogui (Cannibalism) 

Naoki Prize winner -

Hamuro Rin for Higurashi no ki (Chronicle of Cicada)

Read more at Junbungaku.com and of course at bunshun.co.jp


Parrish Lantern said...

will check out this writer, but real; reason I'm visiting was I thought this might be of interest.

Hoshi Shinichi

me. said...

I've got a copy of a collection of short stories by Hoshi Shinichi which I hope to read at some point in the near future, an interesting author. I don't think that these two stories are included though so thanks for the link!. EnJoe Toh has only a couple of short stories in translation, see the post on Japanese Literature Charity Project to read one, the other is in Speculative Japan 2, published by the Kurodahan Press.

Parrish Lantern said...

Yes I've seen the Speculative Japan series & want to check them out further at some point.