Friday, 5 October 2012

Descendants of Cain

Another find over at the Hathi Trust Digital Library is Arishima Takeo's 1917 story Descendants of Cain/Kain no Matsuei, translated by John W. Morrison. The story is featured in Morrison's book Modern Japanese Fiction, (University of Utah Press, 1955), alongside a critical note on the story the book also explores the emergence of Naturalism, the Shirakaba, (The White Birch Group - which Arishima was a founding member of), and goes on to look at Akutagwa, Kikuchi and also the emergence of Proletarian Literature. Arishima travelled in Europe and America where he worked for a time in a Quaker operated insane asylum, and also studied at Harvard and Haverford College. As with other titles at the Hathi Trust the book is available to read online by clicking through.

Modern Japanese Fiction by James W.Morrison at Hathi Trust Digital Library

Arishima Takeo at wikipedia

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