Thursday, 5 September 2013



Sunny is a book that I've been anticipating to read since it was published back in May, the translation of vol 2 is due to be published in November so I thought I'd better track out a copy of vol 1 before 2 appears. Simply put the book is close to perfection, the story is beginning to slowly unfold across art work that could quite easily hang comfortably next to masterpieces that are exhibited in contemporary art galleries, the tantalizing full colour pages do make you slightly wish that the whole could also be presented in the same way, but I'm really not complaining. There are probably numerous blog posts on Sunny which could easily outdo my post on it, my favourite is over at Brain Vs. Book, so I'll only offer a brief post of appreciation, the setting is an orphanage, (The Star Kids Home), the sunny of the title is a dilapidated Nissan Sunny that the children play in, amongst them it seems that Haruo is the car's most frequent visitor, as one of the other children points out the car is a place where the realm of imagination rules, 'just imagine where you want to go the car can take you'. The translation is from Michael Arias who directed the film adaption of Matsumoto's Tekkon Kinkreet , there's something about Matsumoto's art and story lines that are laid back but at the same time carry the subtle urgency of the dilemmas that face his characters, the potential of the serious or the humorous hovers as you turn from page to page, segment to segment.   
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