Sunday, 12 January 2014

Japanese Literature Online Translations - Part Three

Amalgamating some older posts with some newer links, (apologies - in no particular order!)  -

Spirit Summoning by Sakumi Tayama tranlsted by Mark Gibeau at Words Without Borders, for more.
Tonight, in All the Bars by Ramo Nakajima translated by Sayuri Okamoto and Sim Yee Chiang at Asymptote Journal
Samsa in Love by Haruki Murakami translated by Ted Goosen at The New Yorker
A Walk to Kobe by Haruki Murakami at Granta Online
Waiting by Dazai Osamu translated by Angus Turvill at
Heading For Moscow by Nakano Shigeharu translated by Annika A. Culver winner of William F.Sibley Memorial Prize
Skin of the Pike Conger Eel by Kamizukasa Shoken translated by Andrew Murakami-Smith winner William F.Sibley Prize
Celan Reads Japanese by Yoko Tawada translated by Susan Bernofsky at The White Review
Soul Flight by Yoko Tawada, translated by Sim Yee Chiang at Asymptote Journal

two older novels over at

The Reluctant Bachelor by Kuni Sasaki, translated by Kuni Sasaki and Jiro C. Araki at Archive.Org
Human Bullets - A Soldier's Story of Port Arthur by Tadayoshi Sakurai, translated by Masujiro Honda and Alice M. Bacon - Archive

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