Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Minka - My Farmhouse in Japan

Recently I've acquired the bad habit of picking up more than one book at a time, it's something I'm not fond of doing, but a book that I've had on the shelf to read for a long time now is John Roderick's Minka - My Farmhouse in Japan, which is an account of how he came to buy a farmhouse that has connections that date back to the age of the Heike monogatari, for 5000 yen, intrigued?, I'll leave it to you to track out a copy of the book for the fuller explanation, but the story involves disassembling the house and moving it from Shirotori to Kamakura.

Whilst also reading about the book on the internet I stumbled over an accompanying film that was made in 2011 by Davina Pardo which you can watch via the New York Times website or via here.

Minka My Farmhouse in Japan at Princeton Architecture Press

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