Thursday, 14 April 2016

Nakagin Capsule Tower - a book prompt

Another book prompt post about a title that came out at the end of last year about a building that I've known about for a long time but not know much about perhaps when I get a copy of this book that'll change. When I was young I remember watching a science programme that featured the building, which was presented at the time as being the way of the future, as far as I understand the building has recently been under the threat of demolition, due to it becoming unsafe and also of the asbestos used in it's construction, a sad thing as the building is unique and very much deserves saving. In spite of this the building is in the throes of being rescued, restored and open again to the public to stay in, which one day I'd love to do, but in the meantime there's the book.

more info on the building at Wikipedia.

the book at Amazon

Nakagin Capsule Tower Facebook page

the building's webpage

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