Thursday, 5 January 2017

readings in 2016

Another year ticks passed, an apt moment to jot down last year's reading history, this list doesn't include books already posted on, obvious resolutions apply, to read more ! -

1.Portrait of A Man - Georges Perec - MacLehose Press
2.Syrian Notebooks - Jonathan Littell - Verso
3.Ancient Tillage - Raduan Nassar - Penguin Classics
4.Rendezvous In Venice - Phillippe Beaussant - Pushkin Press
5.The Man Who Fell To Earth - Walter Tevis - Penguin Classics
6.Fat City - Leonard Gardner - NYRB Classics
7.The Trumpets of Jericho - Unica Zurn - Wakefield Press
8.A Cup of Rage - Raduan Nassar - Penguin Classics
9.But You Did Not Come Back - Marceline Loridan-Ivens - Faber and Faber
10.The Driver's Seat - Muriel Spark - Penguin Classics
11.A Dream of Wessex - Christopher Priest - Faber
12.Journey Into the Past - Stefan Zweig - Pushkin Press
13.The Man In The High Castle - Philip K. Dick - Penguin Classics
14.High Rise - J.G Ballard - Fourth Estate
15.Madonna In a Fur Coat - Sabahattin Ali - Penguin Classics
16.Solaris - Stanislaw Lem - Faber and Faber
17.The Image of A Drawn Sword - Jocelyn Brooke - King Penguin - now Faber
18.Quiet Days in Clichy - Henry Miller - Penguin Classics
19.Radish - Mo Yan - Penguin Specials
20.The Café of Lost Youth - Patrick Modiano - MacLehose Press
21.Beast - Paul Kingsnorth - Faber and Faber
22.The Black Notebook - Patrick Modiano - MacLehose Press
23.Nutshell - Ian McEwan - Jonathan Cape
24.Confabulations - John Berger - Penguin
25.Dark Tales - Shirley Jackson - Penguin Classics
26.Echoland - Per Petterson - Harvill Secker
27.The Evenings - Gerard Reve - Pushkin Press 


Parrish Lantern said...

Hi some great books in this list love Perec, Ballard, & although haven't read Lem for a while but thoroughly enjoyed them

me. said...

Think 'W, or the Memory of Childhood' is one of my favorite books, yet to tackle his masterpiece yet though. Thanks for the comment Parrish, hope you have time to take up the reins again soon, time permitting eh?.