Monday, 2 July 2012

New Writing From Japan

Just a quick post to highlight that Words Without Borders July issue is entitled New Writing From Japan, the first of two issues dedicated to new Japanese writing, the second is coming in next months issue, and is guest edited by Michael Emmerich. Featuring fiction from EnJoe Toh, Kurahashi Yumiko, Nakai Hideo and more..

New Writing From Japan at Words Without Borders.

*The second part of Words Without Borders issue of New Writing From Japan has recently gone up with an excerpt from Chichi to Ran/Breasts and Eggs, translated by Louise Heal Kawai, Kawakami Mieko's Akutagwa Prize winning novella which has recently been published in French translation by Actes Sud, so here's hoping. The issue also features translations of Tsushima Yuko, Asa Nonami, Wataya Risa, Motoya Yukiko, Suzumo Sakurai, Nomura Kiwao and again comes with an editorial piece from Michael Emmerich.

(*edited post 01/08/2012)

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