Saturday, 8 September 2012

From the Fatherland with Love

The first half of 2013 already begins to look like it will see the publication of a lot of new titles,in addition it looks like the Pushkin Press will be re-publishing two of Murakami Ryu's back list titles in May: Coin Locker Babies and Popular Hits of the Showa Era, (which I've yet to catch up with), along with a new translation, From the Fatherland with Love, by Ralph McCarthy, whose translation of Katydid by Dazai Osamu also appears in this months Asia Literary Review. Obviously nothing official at the publisher's website yet, but news of new translations is always welcome, the quality of the presentation of Pushkin Press titles is always impressive, so I'm looking forward to seeing these.


Tony said...

Where did you see about Pushkin releasing Ryu Murakami books?

me. said...

It is a bit surprising, although the three titles are listed on Amazon.UK, for release in May 2013 with the publisher being listed as Pushkin Press. As far as I know there is only one Pushkin Press, I hope they are published, perhaps their new titles list for 2013 will be published soon for confirmation.

Parrish Lantern said...

Hoping so, am a fan of Ryu Murakami.
PS, have posted on a poet that is influenced by Japanese poetry & manga amongst other things. Publishers blurb

"This book, part prospectus and part fanzine, is made from stolen or borrowed parts – centos and collages, half-rhymes and homophonics, translations and travesties. Equally inspired by manga luminaries like Naoki Urasawa, animation and adventure stories as it is by earlier poets, the natural world and human history, School of Forgery postulates the poem as knock-off, as reclaimed scrap, and most of all as through-and-through fabrication."

me. said...

Sounds interesting, will check out your post, have you seen the title,Scubadivers and Chrysanthemums, published by Shearsman Books, (an impressive imprint), its a book I've been hoping to read.