Friday, 30 November 2012

The Last Hour of the Bengal Tiger

A story I think from Yoko Ogawa's forthcoming collection Revenge, The Last Hour of the Bengal Tiger, translated by Stephen Snyder can be read over at online magazine Guernica, in another note it's also great to learn of a forthcoming selection of poetry by Gozo Yoshimasu, via International Dateline.

Revenge - Eleven Dark Tales at Macmillan


Tony said...

Not counting my chickens, but I might be getting a review copy of 'Revenge'. Hopefully, I'll be reviewing it for 'January in Japan' :)

me. said...

It's due in January I think isn't it?, I'm very much looking forward to reading these stories, there's so many great titles due to appear over the next few months.

Tony said...

Is there anything else due out Dec/Jan?

By the way, were you interested in writing a post for my J-Lit Giants series (like my Natsume Soseki one)? Natsume, Mishima and Dazai are taken, but that still leaves a lot to choose from :)

me. said...

Along with everything else there's the five titles from Thames River Press which are due at any moment.

Many thanks for the invite, although at the moment I seem to be struggling to find the time to write for this blog, but perhaps by the start of next year things might be easier.