Wednesday, 22 May 2013

39th Kawabata-sho announced

A little late on reporting the awarding of the 39th Kawabata Prize which as far as I can tell was announced over at Shinchosha at the end of last month, the award went to Tsumura Kikuko for Kyusuitou to Kame/The Water Tower and the Turtle, (?) a story whose narrator is trying to piece together the circumstances of the death of an elderly man in a remote town of Aomori.   

Among other awards Tsumura has previously also been awarded the Akutagawa Prize in 2008 for Potosuraimu no fune, and in the same year the Noma Literary Prize for new writers for Music Bless You!. she has also been the recipient of the Dazai Osamu Prize.
The Kawabata Prize was established in 1974, at the moment I could only locate three translations of previous winners of the Kawabata Prize, I hope I'm missing some ! -
the 14th (1987) - On Nakayama Hill - Furui Yoshikichi in The Ravine and Other Stories
the 10th (1983) - The Silent Traders - Tsushima Yuko in The Shooting Gallery and Other Stories

the 15th (1988) - Tree Shadows - Maruya Saiichi in Rain in the Wind - Stories
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