Friday, 24 May 2013

Kujikenaide/Don't Lose Heart to be published by Pighog Press

News recently out that Kujikenaide/ Don't Lose Heart by Toyo Shibata, the inspirational collection and phenomenally best selling poetry collection, (1.6 million copies sold), is set to be published in an English language U.K edition by the very excellent Brighton based publisher Pighog Press in Autumn 2013, in a translation by Maya Nakamura, the book was published originally in Japan by Asuka shinsha Publishing.

From the press release of Pighog Press -

"Pighog Press is to publish the first English language edition of Toyo Shibata's best selling poetry collection in Autumn 2013. Kujikenaide - 'Don't Lose Heart' by Toyo Shibata has been described as a Japanese phenomenon and has received worldwide attention. The inspirational collection has sold 1.6 million copies since it's initial publication in 2009.
 The first English Language collection of Shibata's poetry beautifully speaks of age, the hardships and joys of longevity and the relationship that that helped her through a century-long life. The collection encourages readers to love and enjoy every aspect of time and to share it with the people who matter most.
 Shibata began writing poetry at the age of 92 when back pain forced her to give up her hobby of traditional Japanese dance, which she had been practicing for decades. Since Shibata's passing in January 2013 at age 101, she has received worldwide appreciation for her beautiful poetry. Each poem in her collection discusses life intimately with a crystalized perception of family and the race of time we all must endure. Writing in a traditional Japanese poetic style of simplicity and truth, Shibata's best selling collection speaks of honesty with an abundance of strength."
more information on Toyo Shibata at the Guardian and The Independent

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