Tuesday, October 18, 2016

books for the reading diary - 2017

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, travels and life off line have prevented me from reaching my blog, I have kept an eye on some new titles however and have updated the list of books for the reading diary for 2016, and as we head into the closing months of the year it's difficult not to notice a number of titles now appearing to be scheduled for publication for next year, so in anticipation I thought I'd start compiling a tentative list of titles of interest, early days though, dates no doubt subject to change, but obviously would be great to see all of these make it to publication.


The Book of the Dead - Orikuchi Shinobu - trans. Jeffrey Angles MUP 
Spring Garden - Tomoka Shibasaki - trans. Polly Barton - Pushkin Press
Record of a Night Too Brief - Hiromi Kawakami - trans. Lucy North - Pushkin Press


Spiral Staircase: Collected Poems - Hirato Renkichi - trans. Sho Sugita - Ugly Duckling Presse
The Maids - Junichiro Tanizaki - trans. Michael P. Cronin NDP
Devils in Daylight - Junichiro Tanizaki - trans. J. Keith Vincent NDP
The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping - Keigo Higashino trans Jan Mitsuko Cash - Vertical Inc
The Transparent Labyrinth - Keiichiro Hirano - trans. Kerim Yasar - Strangers Press
Time Differences - Yoko Tawada - trans. Jeffrey Angles - Strangers Press
Spring Sleepers - Kyoko Yoshida - Strangers Press
The Girl Who Is Getting Married - Aoko Matsuda - trans. Angus Turvill - Strangers Press
Mariko/Mariquita - Natsuki Ikezawa - trans. Alfred Birnbaum - Strangers Press
At the Edge of the Wood - Masatsugu Ono - trans. Juliet Winters Carpenter - Strangers Press
Friendship For Grown-Ups - Nao-Cola Yamazaki - trans. Polly Barton - Strangers Press
Mikumari - Misumi Kubo - trans. Polly Barton - Strangers Press


Slow Boat - Hideo Furukawa - Pushkin Press
Orbital Cloud - Taiyo Fujii - Haikasoru


The Boy in the Earth - Fuminori Nakamura - trans. Allison Markin Powell - Soho Crime
Penance - Kanae Minato - Mulholland Books


Men Without Women: Stories - Haruki Murakami - trans. Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen - Knopf
Inheritance from Mother - Minae Mizumura trans. Juliet Winters Carpenter  - Other Press


Ms Ice Sandwich - Mieko Kawakami - Pushkin Press
Me - Tomoyuki Hoshino - trans. Charles de Wolf, with afterword - Oe Kenzaburo Akashic Books
In the Woods of Memory - Shun Medoruma - trans. Takuma Sminkey - Stone Bridge Press
Beasts Head for Home: A Novel - Abe Kobo - trans. Richard Calichman - Weatherhead Books
The Great Passage - Shion Miura - trans. Juliet Winters Carpenter - Amazon Crossing


Territory of Light - Yūko Tsushima - Penguin Modern Classics


Sea, Land, Shadow - Kazuko Shiraishi - trans. Yumiko Tsumura - New Directions


A Small Charred Face - Kazuki Sakuraba - trans. Jocelyne Allen - Haikasoru


Newcomer - Keigo Higashino - trans. Alexander O'Smith  Minotaur Books

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